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for sale: Medium K'tan

Size medium K'tan in heather gray color. Gently used and in great condition.

smoke-free home.

$15 + shipping

  1. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @mrskc: I have a size small and always felt it was too tight. You had both sizes... which worked better for you?

  2. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    @Ash: the medium worked this time. I had a small with DS and it worked. I must have gained more weight this time because I could not get my daughter into the small! The medium was perfect. She still felt nice and snug. I was around 180 after I had her. I'm 5'9"

  3. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @mrskc: any idea how much shipping would be?

  4. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    If shipping can keep the price under 20, Ill be backup to ash

  5. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    @Ash: to your zip, shipping is $8.98

  6. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    @Ash: did you decide yet whether you wanted the k*tan?

  7. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @mrskc: sorry! Shipping is a little much. I think I'll pass! Thanks!

  8. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    @Ash: Ok no problem. It's too heavy for first class that's why shipping is more.

    @hellocupcake: If you wall me your zip, I can calculate shipping. If you are closer to california, it will be cheaper.

  9. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @mrskc: I'm actually in california 92583 zip.

  10. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    @hellocupcake: It's $5.32 so I can do $20 total shipped. Let me know.

  11. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @mrskc: sold

  12. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    @hellocupcake: just sent you a PP request! THank you!

  13. hellocupcake

    persimmon / 1171 posts

    @mrskc: just paid (: thank you (:

  14. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    @hellocupcake: thanks!! I'll ship it tomorrow.

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