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for sale: Lot of 19 BumGenius and FuzziBunz for Sale

I'm selling our barely used cloth diapers. They just weren't a good fit for our daycare situation. They were only used a couple of months and laundered with Charlie's Laundry soap, as per directions. There are 15 BumGenius 4.0 diapers and 4 FuzziBunz Right Size Small diapers. Colors as pictures below (FuzziBunz are top row). Also includes 15 large snap BumGenius inserts, 14 smaller BumGenius inserts and 4 FuzziBunz inserts.

All diapers are stain free. Some of the inserts have faint staining.

Selling as a lot of 15 BumGenius, 4 FuzziBunz Right Size Small and 1 small Planetwise wet bag for $150. Buyer pays USPS shipping from area code 13027.

Leave a message on my wall if you're interested!

  1. Boheme

    papaya / 10473 posts

    Great deal!!!

  2. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @Mrs. Tricycle: I'll take them for my sil!

  3. Mrs. Tricycle

    blogger / pear / 1964 posts

    @Ash: Sorry they're sold! I totally should have checked back in on this thread!! My apologies for the wait!

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