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for sale: Lot of 14 bumgenuis 4.0

Lot of 14 bum genius 4.0. All are snaps except for Albert. All EUC; the inserts look a bit dingy but I haven't sunned. All will come with both inserts. If you need more pictures just ask. Shipping included in price.

Buy the whole lot for 210$
Individual prices:
1 grasshopper x 15
3 twilight x 15
2 clementine x 15
1 sassy x 15
2 moonbeam x 15
2 ribbit x 15
1 mirror x 15
1 Eiffel Tower x 25
1 Albert x 10

And 1 grasshopper with stain on the outside. Doesn't affect function of the diaper at all. If you want it and buy the whole lot I'll throw it in for free. Otherwise 8$.

  1. MenagerieMama

    pear / 1547 posts

    I was almost tempted until I saw you had clementine and not butternut As an FYI - the 4.0s were just clearances with the 5.0 coming out and new diapers were as low as $11 I think. So you might have a hard time selling the solids at $15.

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