LL Bean Shaggy Fleece Coveralls in Natural color
Size 3-6 months (oversized, runs 1 size big)

My daughter rocked this last winter on our occasional trips outside--kept her cuddly and warm from the house to the car and back. It fit comfortably over her clothes and buckled easily into the carseat as well. It's held up super well--no wear on the cuffs or discolorations/spots. Machine washed in Honest laundry detergent only!

LO wore this from about 5-10 months in age and she has always been 90% for height/weight, so it definitely runs a size big. Double zips are very convenient as well! Arm/leg cuffs turn into built-in mittens/feet covers. It's currently available on the llbean website for $50.

$25 plus shipping!