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for sale: Little golden books

Lot of 11
8 little golden books
3 golden books

$10 plus shipping

Baby fozxie visits the dr
The fox and the hound
Richard scary busy fire fighters
Little mermaid.
Alice in wonderland
Me cookie ( Cookie Monster)
The ugly duckling
Saggy baggy elephant
Pussy willow
Mickey and friends lets go to the fire station

Some wear on edges but all in unread condition

  1. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    interested! Can you estimate shipping to 20707? Would it go via media mail?

  2. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @Mrs. Tiger: sure- will check in morning

  3. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @Mrs. Tiger: media mail would be $3.65

  4. Ms.SK

    apricot / 498 posts

    I would be interested if Mrs. Tiger passes.

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