I have a Lily Jade Madeline in Brandy bag that I am selling for $175. It retails for $325 and is on sale on the site right now for $280. The bag is beautiful and very functional but I usually just end up throwing a couple things in my purse - guess I'm not a diaper bag person! I've had it a year and have used it less than 5 times. I have never used the insert that has lots of handy pockets to hold stuff. It is in great condition with one flaw, the magnet just inside the bag was so strong that when I was opening it once it just ripped through the lining. (See photo) I emailed the company and they offered to have it shipped back to them to repair but I did not send it in. It has always been stored in my closet inside its storage bag.

Here's the official website for more details:

Here is the blog post that made me fall in love with the bag:

Hoping this will go to a good home! I will happily include shipping