We've decided CDing isn't going to work for us so I am completely de-stashing. I would prefer to sell in groups due to shipping costs. I have pictures I can add later, they're just not on this computer. All diapers have been barely used. Colors are either neutral or boyish.

Thirsties - Duo Wrap size 1 (qty=5). 4 are pretty much brand new, 1 (blackbirds print) has an issue with one of the snaps but it's still usable. Orignal Cover size small (qty=1). $70 including shipping.

Bummis - Super Whisper Wrap size small (qty=2). Super Brite size newborn (qty=1). $40 incl shipping.

Pro Wrap - size NB (qty=1) $6 with other items.

Rumarooz - size NB (qty=2). Pattern is Kangaroos. $8 shipped with other items.

Best Bottoms - (qty=2) Patterns are Cow print and Foxes. $30 incl shipping

Flip - (qty=4) Never used, never washed. 3 white and 1 mint. $55 shipped. $63 if you want 2 inserts added (never used or washed).

Flip - 2 never used/washed. $8 with other items
Thirsties - 7 size one Stay Dry Duo Insert. $35 incl shipping.

Thirsties - 5 fitteds (1 white, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 green, 1 melon). White, blue and green are look brand new, only used once or twice. Purple and Melon have some pilling but no staining. $75 shipped.
GMD - 12 orange edge no closure. $60 shipped
Swaddlebees - qty=3. $45 shipped
Tots Bots Fitted - qty=3. $54 shipped.

Let me know if you want other combinations of things, I'm willing to make a deal :).