gDiapers is having a "New Friends Bundle" sale from now to 12/31/13 for anyone who has never ordered from (so if you have gDiapers but bought them from Target, BRU, or a friend you can still get the deal).

Use coupon code: new8264Peak

The bundle includes 3 gPants (you pick 3 colors of the 5 they have available) in medium or small, and 2 packs of their disposable/flushable/compostable inserts for $50 (ok $49.99).
(Usually that's $26+ for the inserts and $19 per gPant so it's a great deal and not too expensive way to try out gDiapers or add to your stash.)

I hope you love your new gDiapers as much as I love mine.
Shop here for the direct link to the bundle deal: