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for sale: SOLD Wrap Conversion Ring Sling - dyed natibaby hemp Tela

For sale size small natibaby hemp Tela woven wrap ring sling piece. I bought a long wrap and chopped it; I can either convert it for you (I can provide samples of my work) for $90(including shipping) or I can just ship the unfinished piece to you for $75 for you to either sew yourself or send to the converter of your choice.

The pictures are of the wrap I'm chopping it from.

  1. Navy_Mommy

    nectarine / 2458 posts

    I went ahead and converted it...here is the actual sling...

  2. Navy_Mommy

    nectarine / 2458 posts

  3. Navy_Mommy

    nectarine / 2458 posts

    This sold.

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