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for sale: brand new Sony audio monitor

For sale is a brand new audio monitor, Sony model NTM 910


Asking $20 + Shipping for HB Bee levels Olive & above.
$25 + shipping for all others.

(I'll combine shipping if you buy any of my other items)

  1. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @regberadaisy: I'm interested! umm not sure which shipping i qualify for.

  2. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    @bunnylove08: bahaha you will be $20 + shipping, dahling! I just wanted to offer "regulars" better pricing. Gold wall me your address and I'll drop it at post office tomorrow. I'll drop the enfamil coupons with it too!

  3. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @regberadaisy: I think I'm doing something wrong, when I click on your name, I can only click on profile and posts. is there another way of posting on your wall?

  4. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    I figured it out

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