Hello, my name is Richelle and I have a diaper bag problem. I currently have 5 in the house. A pesky voice keeps telling me it is time to let some of these bags go. Strangely that pesky voice sounds a lot like my husband's.

I am selling my beautiful, blue Danzo San Ysidro Hobo diaper bag with gold hardware. This bag was used for the first 4 months of LO's life. LO was exclusively breastfed during those months, so nary a sippy cup, bottle, or food pouch was carried in the bag. It just lugged around diapers, wipes, and toiletries.

Danzo is great for moms who like to be stylish and organized. The big selling feature is the 25 velcro backed labels that can be affixed to the six clear interior pockets. In addition it has an elasticized pocket for carrying a bottle. There is a hidden outside pocket. It also comes with a crossbody strap, stroller straps, and changing pad.

On to the disclosures: I washed the changing pad frequently in the beginning since I was a neurotic first time mom. The poor little ducks are flaking off from all the washing machine abuse. Also one of the snaps on the stroller strap decided from day one that it was just going to stick together rather than separate, so it is detached from the leather. The strap works fine. The piece is still there if you want to take it to a shoe repair place and have them hammer the grommet back together.

Selling it for $95 including shipping to the US.