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for sale: Assorted cloth diapers

I have an assortment and will post pictures/prices if interest. All EUC, only "issue" may be lint!

NB Bumkins aplix pink cover and 2 soakers. Prepped never used.
3 OS Alva pockets (red, blue, elephants, snaps). EUC.
2 OS Nicki's Pockets (yellow and blue, snaps). Some lint inside layers.
1 OS Charlie Banana, snaps (The Kate). EUC.
2 Fuzzibunz - a large OS (10-45 lbs) in green, and a small OS (7-30 lbs) in yellow. EUC.
***S (7-30 lbs)
Will fit well on newborns
Great for petite children
Provides a trim fit
***L (10-45 lbs)
More generously sized
Fits well on larger babies
Great for overnight / double stuffing

  1. nicnack

    apple seed / 0 posts

    Interested in the nb bumkins.

  2. sorrycharlie

    hostess / watermelon / 14932 posts

    @nicnack: Hi! $10 plus shipping? I'm going to the post office tomorrow, so I could ship then if you want! What's your zip?

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