I bought these not long ago and they are soooo cute. But I ended up finding a suit I like slightly better, and these were too $$ to keep just to have. I've tried them on, but otherwise not worn, unwashed, I think I still have the tags on my desk too. They're basically NWOT.
I was going to return to albion but they only give you 15 days to return

They are all size medium

The top is $88 new.
Stripes high waisted bottom and antigua high waisted bottom are each $64 new

I paid $216 total for all three. Since they're still new, I'd sell all of them for $150 total, shipping included.

(links: https://albionfit.com/collections/swims/products/high-waisted-bikini-bottoms-white-black-stripes, https://albionfit.com/collections/swims/products/antigua-floral-pin-up-top-large-cup)