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for sale: 12 month winter/fall boys lot

These are all nice basics that I got from consignment shops/sales while pregnant... But they'll be too small for LO once it's colder.

Baby gap 6-12 m onesie new with tags
Signature kids 12m khakis washed never worn
Children's place 12m grey flannel/Woolish cargo pants, look brand new
Children's place 12m brown striped cardigan, good used condition

Thinking $15shipped for the lot is fair?

  1. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    Won't let me post all pics t once

  2. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    Last pix

  3. Mrs. Grizzly Bear

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4555 posts

    Love that cardigan!

  4. wheres_c

    pomelo / 5789 posts

    love those, especially the cardigan. wondering if LO will grow out by then.

  5. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    @wheres_c: it's so hard to predict growth spurts and plateaus ! Ive alternately had too much for one size and then had to buy full price when he hit a spurt and i couldnt find used. go figure!

    Let me know if you're interested and willing to risk it

  6. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @scg00387: love the overalls!!

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