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for sale: 12-24 month boys clothing

I have some gently worn boys clothes that are mostly 18-24 months (the orange polo, green, and blue/grey cargo shorts are 12-18 months). I'd like to sell these as a lot -- there are 15 pieces:
*Gap grey short-sleeve polo
*Ralph Lauren orange short-sleeve polo
*Pirate t-shirt from Outer Banks
*Gap striped t-shirt
*Old Navy green plaid shirt
*Paul Frank long-sleeve (the black ends at short-sleeves and there are white long-sleeves underneath to make it look like 2 layered shirts)
*Faded Glory grey blue cargo shorts (these have a small hole on one of the pockets, but it's on a double layered part, so it doesn't affect the pocket. If you don't want them, I'll deduct $1 from the total price)
*Faded Glory army green cargo shorts
*Calvin Klein cargo shorts
*2 sets of Cars long-sleeved two-piece pajamas (from Korea -- they're the best!)
*Carters footed fleece pajamas
*Old Navy footed fleece pajamas
*12-18 month Gap robot tee
*24 month Cherokee tee

Everything is in good to like-new condition and washed in free and clear detergent. Will sell the lot for $20 plus shipping (shipping not to exceed $8 -- anything over I'll cover).

  1. Mrs. Grizzly Bear

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4555 posts

    You're making it really hard for me to be good, you know...

  2. Mrs. Cowgirl

    blogger / nectarine / 2687 posts


  3. brownie

    grapefruit / 4110 posts

    I am interested.

  4. Mrs. Cowgirl

    blogger / nectarine / 2687 posts

    @brownie: great! If you want to wall message me your PayPal email address, I'll send you an invoice!

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