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looking: Tommee Tippee 5 ounce bottle

I'm looking for one 5 ounce (unvented) TT bottle! I can only find sets at Target and BRU. And $12 at Amazon...come on!

New or used is fine!

  1. SLR

    clementine / 824 posts

    I have three briefly used TT bottles that you are welcome to have if you want them. They were used just a few times before my daughter went on a bottle strike and we landed on a different brand.

  2. autumnlove

    hostess / wonderful watermelon / 39513 posts

    @SLR: sounds good to me! Let me know how much for the bottles and shipping!

  3. SLR

    clementine / 824 posts

    @autumnlove: Wall me your address and I will take a look at shipping. You can just have the bottles. I'm trying to de-clutter anyway! I tossed the nipples a while ago but I might have a new pair of medium flow nipples. Can't remember if I ended up returning them or not. If I have them, I'll send those too.

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