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looking: Taking charge of your fertility

Looking for a copy of this book, any condition is fine (as long as it's not missing pages haha).

  1. CupQuakeWalk

    coconut / 8475 posts

    I have it & you can have it for free but I'm thinking shipping might be like $5-6bucks? I can send it and then let you know how much it was if you want?

  2. MrsTiz

    cantaloupe / 6800 posts

    I don't have one but just wanted to say ARE YOU TTC??!?! !??!?!


  3. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    @TurtleDoves: you are awesome - thank you! Paying shipping is better than buying new hahah Oh and you can ship it media mail which is cheaper... or flat rate box which is $5 I think? Either way - I'd love to take it off your hands!

    @MrsTiz: hahah no. I'm actually trying NOT to get pregnant My dr recommended this book to learn more about NFP.

  4. CupQuakeWalk

    coconut / 8475 posts

    @Mrs. Pen: yep- I'd do media mail and the cheapest packaging! You can walk me your address & I can most likely send it tomorrow:)

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