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looking: Medela Battery Pack and/or Car Adapter

I have a Medela Double Electric Advanced and am looking for a battery pack and or a car adapter so I can take it on the road (because I love pumping oh so much).

  1. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    Just FYI - you can get a generic power inverter that you plug into the car's cigarette lighter for much cheaper, i think, plus you can use it for other things.

  2. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    Ditto what dagret said. I bought one for $5 at walmart a couple years ago so we would have in the car.

  3. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    @Smurfette: Wow, I had no idea. Thank you!

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