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looking: Tula toddler carrier

Looking for a gently used Tula toddler carrier. Please tag me in your post or pm me.


  1. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @bunnylove08: not sure how set you are on a tula, but I have an unused (only washed) infantino ecosash. Yours for $15+shipping, let me know if you're interested!

  2. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @Mrs. Tiger: DD is too close to the weight limit Thanks for the offer

  3. littleveesmommy

    persimmon / 1472 posts

    @bunnylove08: I have a brand new Beco Soleil carrier in Metro Black if you are interested.

    UPDATE: Sorry it's not available anymore.

  4. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @littleveesmommy: oh boo I was just going to reply

  5. littleveesmommy

    persimmon / 1472 posts

    @bunnylove08: So sorry If you are open to other carriers besides Tula, you can try to Babywearing on a Budget FB group. All the carriers posted are under $100 and you ca get good deals on Ergo's which are good up to 45lbs I believe. They also have Becos and other brands.

  6. littleveesmommy

    persimmon / 1472 posts

    I just checked the budget swap and there is a Organic Ergo for $90 (practically new), a Beco Butterfly II for $65, and Boba 3G for $65. I can help you get them if you are interested.

  7. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @littleveesmommy: thanks I'll see if I can get into the group

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