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looking: Sound machine

Looking for a sound machine.

Please tag/reply to me if you have one.


  1. GrapeCrush

    grapefruit / 4823 posts

    @bunnylove08: let me see if i can find the one we used for DS(only for about 2 months)

  2. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @sarbear: oh awesome!

  3. GrapeCrush

    grapefruit / 4823 posts

    @bunnylove08: homemedics sound spa. Plays sounds and has CDs for projection on wall/ceiling.

  4. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @sarbear: how much are you selling it for?

  5. GrapeCrush

    grapefruit / 4823 posts

    @bunnylove08: $12 including shipping. I don't have the box for it.

  6. bunnylove08

    grapefruit / 4442 posts

    @sarbear: no problem on the box. I'll take it! would you like to invoice me or should I just send you payment? I'm going to wall you right now.

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