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looking: Carter's Child of Mine Soft Caterpillar Plush

I know this is a long shot but my daughter decided to get attached to a stuffed caterpillar that was passed on to us. Let's just say it's seen better days. Here's a link to it:


Where the pull string is has ripped and it's kinda dingy anyways (even after I tried to thoroughly clean it) but she instantly attached to it and hasn't let it go. It doesn't have to be this exact one but does anyone have one of these that they might have been gifted they'd be willing to part with? Soft body, plays music.


  1. Raindrop

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  2. Raindrop

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  3. Raindrop

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  4. Raindrop

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  5. Mrs. Grizzly Bear

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    @Raindrop: I keep hitting refresh in case you find a better deal before I hit send

  6. Mrs. Grizzly Bear

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    @Raindrop: Just bought the cheapest one, thanks for your help babe! I know one little lady who will be very very happy.

  7. Raindrop

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    @Mrs. Grizzly Bear: lol glad to help

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