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looking: Belly Band

Looking for a white or black belly band (I don't know what they're called!). The thing to make my pants fit longer after they stop buttoning. Probably a size S or M?

  1. yellowbird

    honeydew / 7303 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I have a black M belly band and a doppler. I bought the doppler for 30$ on here. I'll send that and the belly band for 30$ plus shipping if you're intersted

  2. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @yellowbird: Do you know what sizes the M would fit? What were you pre-pregnancy?

  3. yellowbird

    honeydew / 7303 posts

    @LindsayInNY: it was a little big on me and I'm usually a 4-6

  4. sorrycharlie

    hostess / watermelon / 14932 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I have a M and I'm a 6-8 pre preg! If that helps w sizing

    Jk- just looked. It's BeBand and a S/M. Lol.

  5. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @yellowbird: I'm about that size but I'm wondering if a size small would be better... I'll let you know Friday about the doppler

    @sorrycharlie: What's a BeBand??

  6. sorrycharlie

    hostess / watermelon / 14932 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Just the belly band they sell at Target

  7. lawbee11

    GOLD / watermelon / 14076 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I have a black BellaBand in size 1. They retail for $28. I could do $16 shipped? Just let me know. Here's a pic and the size chart.

  8. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @lawbee11: Walling you! I think a S is my best bet. Or, in your case, 1

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