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looking: Angelcare Deluxe Monitor

ISO an Angelcare Deluxe Monitor

Can have 1 or 2 monitors, i'm fine with 1!

  1. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    I have one! I never used it but I'm not sure it reads the temp of the room - I bought it in May of 2012.

  2. MrsTiz

    cantaloupe / 6800 posts

    @HLK208: What are you looking to get for it?

  3. CupQuakeWalk

    coconut / 8475 posts

    @HLK208: it does! I have the same one because I also bought mine in 2012.

    @MrsTiz: you'll love it

  4. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    @MrsTiz: like $20? Should I take a picture? I think it's the same one?

  5. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    @MrsTiz: okay, mine is definitely different -

    It's just these + the sensing pad. The one you posted is cooler so that's what I would go for haha.

  6. MrsTiz

    cantaloupe / 6800 posts

    @HLK208: http://www.target.com/p/angelcare-ac201-movement-and-sound-monitor/-/A-13728602#prodSlot=medium_1_5&term=angelcare

    Is it this one? I'm just looking for something to go with our video monitor..I think yours would be perfect

  7. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    @MrsTiz: yep! That's it.

  8. MrsTiz

    cantaloupe / 6800 posts

    @HLK208: I'll take it then! Wall'ing you my e-mail

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