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free offers: 0-6 mo Burger costume

Old Navy, tags attached. Free if you pay shipping

  1. MsLipGloss

    GOLD / pineapple / 12662 posts

    Hahahaha - awesome!

  2. allison

    pear / 1895 posts

    I wish so much that this fit my kid! Somebody needs to get this costume!

  3. AmeliaBedilia

    nectarine / 2192 posts

    I am interested- how much is shipping? Thanks!

  4. Mrs. Yoyo

    blogger / pomelo / 5400 posts

    @AmeliaBedilia: I usually do flat-rate priority for around $5 but could aways see if there's something cheaper.

  5. Sammyfab

    pomegranate / 3383 posts

  6. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    I this. I so wish my baby was tiny again

  7. cheert16

    nectarine / 2631 posts

    I'll take it! Let me know!

  8. Mrs. Yoyo

    blogger / pomelo / 5400 posts

    @cheert16: I just walled PP to see if she's still interested in this and the fleece. If not they're yours.

  9. AmeliaBedilia

    nectarine / 2192 posts

    @Mrs. Yoyo: Sorry- had a family emergency and wasn't able to respond promptly. I understand if someone else wants them. Thanks!

  10. Mrs. Yoyo

    blogger / pomelo / 5400 posts

    @AmeliaBedilia: Sorry to hear that -- hope everything is OK! I did go ahead and go to the next person.

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