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for sale: Small maternity summer clothes!

Small maternity lot for sale!

Grey Liz Lange v-neck shirt - size small, EUC, $5.

Oh Baby! by Motherhood Maternity Bermuda jean shorts - size small, NWT, $13.

Floral Liz Lange shirt/tunic - size small, EUC, $9.

All are in great or new condition, just don't fit! Smoke free home. Priced individually (and will add shipping costs) or $24 shipped gets all 3. Thanks for looking!

  1. TheReelDeal

    GOLD / kiwi / 708 posts

    @littlebit: I'll take both tops.

  2. Littlebit

    GOLD / nectarine / 2566 posts

    @TheReelDeal: great! I'll PM you

  3. mamalolo

    pea / 14 posts

    do you still have the shorts?

  4. Littlebit

    GOLD / nectarine / 2566 posts

    @mamalolo: Hi, no, I'm sorry. They're sold!

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