I purchased this as "new" from an eBay seller awhile ago. I already have one Ergo, but wanted this black PPB print! When I got it, I realized I ended up liking my black organic Ergo more, and couldn't justify keeping both, so I'm selling this one.

As mentioned, I purchased it as in new condition, the Ergo shows absolutely zero signs of wear, the straps are tight and un-scuffed, the elastics for them have never been used, the foam padding is all brand new, the carrier is new (I did try it on one time with my daughter for less than 5 minutes). However, the box shows some signs of wear at the top (I can send a pic), and it did not come with the instruction manual/registration card.

Retails new at Nordstrom's for $145.00 I think.

So, to sum it up, brand new carrier, scuffy box and no manual.