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for sale: Lot of 6-9m clothes

Some still with tags, some like new, everything in this lot is in excellent condition. Carter's, Osh Kosh, Children's Place, etc. $35 for the lot plus shipping.

  1. Mrs.Panda

    nectarine / 2255 posts

    @Arden: Is this still available? I wanted to wait until after our gender ultrasound

  2. Arden

    honeydew / 7589 posts

    @Mrs.Panda: Yes! Still available.

  3. Mrs.Panda

    nectarine / 2255 posts

    @Arden: I'll take it wall me a PayPal link?

  4. Arden

    honeydew / 7589 posts

    @Mrs.Panda: Great! I should warn you, we just moved today so everything is all stacked up and it might take me a day or two to mail it, is that okay? My PayPal is mk.hendrickson@ymail.com

  5. Mrs.Panda

    nectarine / 2255 posts

    @Arden: oh no problem at all, this baby isn't due until October

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